lead pastor & SPOUSE TRACK


  • a separate LOCATION...

    In order to provide for greater flexibility in our Lead Pastor Track schedule, we will be spending FRIDAY MORNING ONLY with Lead Pastors and their spouses at a separate facility.  

    Meet us at: 

    Faith Center Foursquare Church


    4700 10th Ave S, Great Falls, MT


  • Time with Mark...

    This might just feel like you got the backstage pass!  The smaller size of these sessions will allow us to enjoy a more organic time of connection and to emphasize the most relevant content for those in attendance.  Pastor Mark will be speaking and taking questions to bring into clearer focus all that is being taught. 

  • flexible schedule...

    Did you notice the schedule listed here?  9AM-1:00PM.  

    Look forward to turning off your phone and letting us worry about the details.  Our time together will be flexible and responsive to what God is doing in the room, and nothing else.

    In addition to the teaching and worship, expect to enjoy the fellowship and low-key flavor of this block of time. 

  • great food...

    A range of light breakfast items, tasty snacks available through the sessions, and a catered meal for lunch will punctuate our day together.   What else!